Measurements define the type of datapoint. Measurement defines what happens to the datapoint, what AI models are executed, where and how the datapoint is displayed.

When you are sending data from external system to Gillie, it’s crucial to get the measurement mapping right.

Some sample datapoint sets

Full list of measurements

Public measurements.

Public measurements comes from external systems or devices to Gillie. These measurements form the basic data for Gillie AI.

Common measurements are usually generated by Gillie, but sometimes external systems can also send them. Simple exapmle of this case is fever ICPC2_A03. Gillie generates this automatically from temperature reading, which is over 37,5 Celsius, but sometimes these are entered to the backend system in structured form and it’s better that backend system sends the diagnosis directly.

Common measurements are also typically send from backend system when nurse notes are entered in structured manner.

These measurements are typically the end results of Gillie’s AI analysis. Backend system’s do not send these measurements to Gillie, but can query them.

These measurements are depreciated. Don’t use these measurement types without consulting Gillie’s support.

These measurements are depreceated, in development or not in active use. Don’t use these measurement types without consulting Gillie’s support.