Gillie API is a REST API. For javascript we provide a small library for API, but you can use any http library and programming language for accessing Gillie API.

The Gillie API is used for submitting data to Gillie as well as exporting and managing data. Typical applications include sending customer information and measurements from backend systems to Gillie and receiving notifications for Gillie AI’s findings.

Getting started

Check our API reference

Try it Yourself Sample programs.

What you can do with Gillie API

  1. Send datapoints to Gillie. Datapoints are the basic data which is used by Gillie AI.
  2. Integrate your backend systems and send/miantain customers/patients in Gillie-
  3. Embed Gillie UI as part in your own system.
  4. Query customers, datapoints and AI findings from Gillie.

Simple sample

Get customer list with shell and curl:

#! bash
PRIVATEKEY="...your private key..."
PUBLICKEY="...your public key..."
APISALT=`date +%s`
APIHASH=`echo -n "$PRIVATEKEY$PUBLICKEY$APISALT" | shasum -a 256  | cut -d " " -f 1`
curl -v "https://gillie.io/api/customers?apikey=$PUBLICKEY&apisalt=$APISALT&apihash=$APIHASH"

Get customer list with javascript using gillie-api library:

const GillieApi = require('gillie-api').GillieApi;
const api = new GillieApi(
    {host: "https://test.gillie.io", 
     publicKey: "...your public key...", 
     privateKey: "...your private key..."